Thanks to the many ways of creating variation, our petits fours are easy to eat and never get boring. These delicacies are increasingly replacing the ‘usual’ pastries served at occasions such as weddings and parties, afternoon teas, business meetings and receptions… or simply as a treat at home.

We offer a wide range of petits fours in a variety of flavours, decorations and colours. Our delicious vegan petits fours are a new addition to our range, available in lemon and hazelnut. Other flavours are available on request. 


For larger volumes, we offer a customised production option. For example, you could order private-label petits fours for your bakery or catering wholesaler, your formula, or to match your company’s corporate identity. We have all of the expertise and resources we need to create customised, innovative concepts that closely align with the latest trends.

For more information on how we can help you or for a tailored quotation, please contact Richard Huisman at richard@petitpastry.nl or on +31 (0)6 203 678 35. 


Enjoying food doesn’t come naturally to everyone. In addition to our ‘standard’ petits fours, we produce innovative, protein-enriched cakes and snacks under the Innopastry label, which help combat undernourishment and reduce chewing and swallowing problems. 

The award-winning Building Blocks are available in four refreshing flavours: strawberry, banana, chocolate and speculoos. Each Building Block comprises very light cake with a soft, creamy filling. It can be eaten as a delicious treat, dessert or snack – a real moment to savour together. They can be found in the freezer section of the supermarket and are available through your healthcare wholesaler.